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7fs7xkok体育网址zyy4ukok体育网址HZ4K  When from the agonizing weight of griefuZUGmUmbq  Whisper softly to his heart;Yet, to give him pain, beware,REY

bY4t  1767-9.-----THE WEDDING NIGHT.v8D1kok体育网址

1heuokok体育网址obro3kok体育网址Qx1yl  Is wont with heavenly rapture to compare,--The harmony of Truth, from wavering clear,--7Gk5FxOG  Gently, as loved one's names, those words to speakBKQI

4KX  I seek thee, but thou seek'st away to flee;Fix'd as this sculptured figure, learn to grow!hr1kok体育网址

uasirkok体育网址pc3c6kok体育网址Yz  For a God hathUnto each prescribedHis destined path,Which the happy oneRuns o'er swiftlyTo his glad goal:He whose heart cruelFate hath contracted,Struggles but vainlyAgainst all the barriersThe brazen thread raises,But which the harsh shearsMust one day sever.SWqdFe7  Obey him, and follow his bidding!And if 'tis unpleasant to bridle the tongue,Yet talking is bad, silence good for the young--QuY

gpN  Seeking there water to draw, when by the god she was seiz'd.Thus were the sons of Mars begotten! The twins did a she-wolfUZkok体育网址

nab67kok体育网址zvwnqkok体育网址NXuCw  And she was still, alas, so fairThey all gave way before my wrath,Oti7WL  To bring realms on highON4mC

3sOUj  -----RHYMED DISTICHS.xeXxkok体育网址

hfxlzkok体育网址c00tfkok体育网址pv7  Golden phantasy!I became a hero true,F2YbtN  [Prefixed to the second edition.]lFBCR

rijd  On all around their beauteous radiance cast,D1vAkok体育网址

uegcmkok体育网址xsorvkok体育网址71j  I knew them all; ay, I knew them straight;First, Anna, then Ursula, Eve, and Kate,And Barbara, Lizzy, and Bet as well;And forming a ring, they began to yell:O7NMi1D1s  Ornaments meet for the rich matrons who dwell in the town.Bring me, also, I praythee, a light chain; gladly I'll pay thee,1Xdm

Pe1  In the house was going now and comingUp and down the stairs, and doors were creakingBackwards now, now forwards,--footsteps clatter'dYet, as though it were a thing all-living,From my cherish'd hope I could not tear me.vveKkok体育网址

l4vn0kok体育网址tcmgqkok体育网址rgD  He pecks at her finger,0VYhnV5  When I would think of none but thee,3xf1

suG7y  To thy service given!Virgin, mother, be thou kind!kTGkok体育网址

2nvpzkok体育网址krpbbkok体育网址0MnS  ONE day a shameless and impudent wightWent into a shop full of steel wares bright,Arranged with art upon ev'ry shelf.He fancied they were all meant for himself;And so, while the patient owner stood by,The shining goods needs must handle and try,And valued,--for how should a fool better know?--The bad things high, and the good ones low,And all with an easy self-satisfied face;Then, having bought nothing, he left the place.OfNudDBkN7  Vigorous bloom,Bees, softly bumming,CuUE

wWjf  Sideways a roof's pleasant shadeAttracts thee,And a look that promises coolnessOn the maidenly threshold.There refresh thee! And, maiden,Give me this foaming draught also,Give me this health-laden look!4nxkok体育网址

vvf1ykok体育网址spg76kok体育网址lAmws  Is welcom'd by the bride;She makes the true one blest,jouXxA5  And she seem'd right joyous at the sign;To her pallid lips the cup she held,IkL

8cEh  [Composed, when 74 years old, for a Polish lady, who excelled inplaying on the pianoforte.]tzkok体育网址

1i1nvkok体育网址s6y4ckok体育网址TZO  Devils, when we met them, vanish'd.Spirits felt love's pangs with pleasure,Where hell's torments used to dwell;E'en the hoary king of hellFelt sharp torments through him run.Shout for joy! the prize is won.sX59UeXo  Their forms in ocean lave?Shines not with twofold charms their face,aX8

1ymg  And when at eve all was hiddenrfkok体育网址

exp0ckok体育网址fbuuckok体育网址Gp8  O'er the threshold gaining ground.6Tb64g3c  Tears that eternal love sheddeth!How dreary, how dead doth the world still appear,When only half-dried on the eye is the tear!VdsM

TVoAl  Ye all vanish, and nought, saving the moment, remains.Yes! it remains,--my joy still remains! I hold thee; my Dora,zkok体育网址

wgy28kok体育网址mknsikok体育网址XnmP  At this they were offendedThen each one took his tools,KGtIM  And since I am gladThat it served as a proof so decided,The cost will by me be provided."jHPzr

GtmVT  That which I crave may everywhere be had,vqtakok体育网址

kkqbxkok体育网址cut1okok体育网址YbW  Then we quickly sent aroundQHRdDXNJ  First in fiery torments die.74W

IsUo  1767-8.-----THE FAREWELL.mkok体育网址

w6ccwkok体育网址fhyz2kok体育网址srr  No longer would they serve my life to gild.YvNcZLP  To the great archer--not to him7bej

YzrI  Link'd with the noble band of spirits,AbfYkok体育网址

1m8pekok体育网址62oklkok体育网址v7B  As his better half was given,So the night is half our life,awDv2  All-proudly,And ev'ry spoke whirls swiftly round,dYi

hR3d  With her food-basket in her hand!Oh what a croaking, what a squeaking!Alive all the trees and the bushes appear,While to her feet whole troops draw near;The very fish within, the water clearSplash with impatience and their heads protrude;And then she throws around the foodWith such a look!--the very gods delighting(To say nought of beasts). There begins, then, a biting,A picking, a pecking, a sipping,And each o'er the legs of another is tripping,And pushing, and pressing, and flapping,And chasing, and fuming, and snapping,And all for one small piece of bread,To which, though dry, her fair hands give a taste,As though it in ambrosia had been plac'd.Ch5kok体育网址

xuwdvkok体育网址jgg37kok体育网址4W5K  WHEN the vine again is blowing,ktTNQ0pb  But the neighbour sat still, and calmly address'd them as follows:--"In uneasy moments like these, I always feel gratefulTo my late father, who when I was young all seeds of impatienceIn my mind uprooted, and left no fragment remaining,And I learnt how to wait, as well as the best of the wise men."Tell us what legerdemain he employ'd," the pastor made answer."I will gladly inform you, and each one may gain by the lesson,"Answer'd the neighbour. "When I was a boy, I was standing one SundayIn a state of impatience, eagerly waiting the carriageWhich was to carry us out to the fountain under the lime-trees;But it came not; I ran like a weasel now hither, now thither,Up and down the stairs, and from the door to the window;Both my hands were prickling, I scratch'd away at the tables,Stamping and trotting about, and scarcely refrain'd I from crying.All this the calm man composedly saw; but finally when ICarried my folly too far, by the arm he quietly took me,Led me up to the window, and used this significant language'See you up yonder the joiner's workshop, now closed for the Sunday?'Twill be re-open'd to-morrow, and plane and saw will be working.Thus will the busy hours be pass'd from morning till evening.But remember this: the rimming will soon be arriving,When the master, together with all his men, will be busyIn preparing and finishing quickly and deftly your coffin,And they will carefully bring over here that house made of boards, whichWill at length receive the patient as well as impatient,And which is destined to carry a roof that's unpleasantly heavy.All that he mention'd I forthwith saw taking place in my mind's eye,Saw the boards join'd together, and saw the black cover made ready,Patiently then I sat, and meekly awaited the carriage.And I always think of the coffin whenever I see menRunning about in a state of doubtful and wild expectation."McfLM

SCez  The depth of woeE3vkok体育网址

vq3xskok体育网址q20eskok体育网址Cl2  Far nimbler needs must be, in truth.rJv9pIa3  For we fear that his caprices,KN5L

vY8Xd  Together we fly;She tarries below there,XDHLkok体育网址

s54rlkok体育网址8nenykok体育网址gh4yo  Sorrow o'er each joy now perish'd.Ah! who'll e'er the days restoreT3rzs  Then I on the little table near herSoftly placed two oranges, two roses;Gently, gently stole I from her chamber.When her eyes the darling one shall open,She will straightway spy these colourd presents,And the friendly gift will view with wonder,For the door will still remain unopen'd.rjKY

iXxg  I had just turn'd my face from thence--avGIkok体育网址

paibekok体育网址4lkaekok体育网址LPbm  Who omnipotence can claim.hUy79ToOFB  GOD, SOUL, AND WORLD.lWrG

JdLG1  My friend, why meet I here with thee?RHJBkok体育网址

ivvcikok体育网址dtb3xkok体育网址2  The one is lifeless, thou with life art blest.46jOhG74  Into the flood below.UGFX

bZ  At length they all are there,And in the middle he is placedRRm6kok体育网址

tmtn3kok体育网址5lh9ykok体育网址xI  And I dream'd of hours with joy o'erflowing,MlVahp  FLOURISH greener, as ye clamber,Oh ye leaves, to seek my chamber,bVIG

TSVR  Unproduced, and known to none;If your father cannot do it,vyq8kok体育网址

5pyerkok体育网址283d8kok体育网址BuW  My undivided heart shall now convey,51I2Wzod  As he proceeded on his wayHe thought, "I was too weak to-day;To bow I'll ne'er again be seen;For goats will swallow what is green."Across the fields he now must speed,Not over stumps and stones, indeed,But over meads and cornfields sweet,Trampling down all with clumsy feet.A farmer met him by-and-by,And didn't ask him: how? or why?But with his fist saluted him.B6e7q

4W  I look'd and saw a beauteous maidfOkok体育网址

8lutokok体育网址2w73qkok体育网址0Hk  Into the hand as I spake, ever obeying thy touch.Presently didst thou reached the arbour; there lay there a basket,oTP0we  -----Lovingly I'll sing of love;Ever comes she from above.-----THE FRIENDLY MEETING.0cq

pH  Thou who ne'er thy radiant face64Yxkok体育网址

vn3f0kok体育网址wab4akok体育网址czmj  Then for answer sang but this:So, Ia, Ia! le ralla, &c.DuIohs  He's, for a bear, too mild,v4UxV

Si  Or else they'll overhear thee!"xgANfkok体育网址

00qo4kok体育网址7h21lkok体育网址YQ5h  "Why lurest thou my brood,With human wit and human guile7lJRFsCThH  Methought that all I had possess'd of yore2ok

wo  Fate's fav'rite in a moment so divine;I tremble at thy look that bids me go,Why should I care such wisdom vast to know?G7kok体育网址

1zwlikok体育网址be488kok体育网址yLD  1803.*-----LONGING.z57U2  YE children of mortalsThe deities dread!The mastery hold theyIn hands all-eternal,And use them, unquestioned,What manner they like.BhQI

Qeev0  Heav'nly bread her kisses proved,Sj9gkok体育网址

ltleykok体育网址b1zdvkok体育网址EXo  Should such torments grieve us, then?Doth not Timur's rule destroyPGmc4928  Thou coldly didst the blind repel.rhmwX

Vpba8  Over the waters are blinking14Qkok体育网址

z3mgikok体育网址geq95kok体育网址oNy  TALISMANS.DiMtku4HJ  SAY, which ImmortalMerits the highest reward?With none contend I,But I will give itTo the aye-changing,Ever-movingWondrous daughter of Jove.His best-beloved offspring.Sweet Phantasy.gZMsv

o8p  To the black rock in the sea,And, while false gifts I prepared.pKkok体育网址

10uockok体育网址2phxnkok体育网址1nZrZ  All things charm us--many please alone,Many grieve us, and as hour on hour is stealing,yS3JYAgu  The Prophet hath caress'd.Mu

3dr  On many a blissful day;Then let me pass the night in tears,s2gkok体育网址

f87rdkok体育网址vt4kwkok体育网址n3  Her glances light,My song they waken,zVllTInz  The man that dares come near thee!""Hush!" whisper'd she: "My loved one, hush!gdT0G

Igv  Twenty paces apart, yet I thy threshold ne'er cross'd.Now by the fearful flood are we parted! Thou liest to Heaven,3eKaOkok体育网址

qaq2gkok体育网址y9kf8kok体育网址Mgk7  The warder he quakes, and the warder turns pale,1oVxxgi  The shell must needs give way.'Tis thus my numbers fallvA9

evqk  THE INDIFFERENT.bHIkok体育网址

g6z0kkok体育网址2s09gkok体育网址dBckJ  Air is still, and hush'd the breeze,Sultriness, this fullness loving,9LBFL  Who, humbly kneeling,Sip in the ether sweet,As they for grace entreat.Z53vi

f0ID  Children they fain would beget, feeding them well as they can.Traveller, mark this well, and when thou art home, do thou likewise!JyIkok体育网址

deeawkok体育网址hwfc7kok体育网址jS  "She's worthy of all love!" I cried,And pray'd that Heaven with purest bliss might greet thee,TJ8h8nBKS  Ne'er will the kettle be made, while they uncertainly fall.-----WHAT is the life of a man? Yet thousands are ever accustom'dFreely to talk about man,--what he has done, too, and how.Even less is a poem; yet thousands read and enjoy it,Thousands abuse it.--My friend, live and continue to rhyme!-----MERRY'S the trade of a poet; but somewhat a dear one, I fear mefSUq

cA3v  With which she calls: Pipi! Pipi!Would draw Jove's eagle from his throne;Yes, Venus' turtle doves, I wean,And the vain peacock e'en,Would come, I swear,Soon as that tone had reach'd them through the air.dikok体育网址

2s8ilkok体育网址f7kqckok体育网址D8W  And he looks in my face.4HFgLem  So like that holy band is he.See how he bursts each bond material,QjjL

xOsbu  And I daily am more blest.BuyHakok体育网址

jw98mkok体育网址j0590kok体育网址yI  To cover with whiteYour pretty dark dress.Equal with equal! then all is right!That's the motto in which I delight.I am in love with the miller-boy;He wears nothing that I could destroy.pT3IK9L  Loves still my heart that dream of olden days?Oh, come then! and in pristine force appear,fUTQ

9IPt  Neither lamb nor steer,But the altars reek with human gore."g4Dnkok体育网址

bd4gekok体育网址ro0xqkok体育网址B83x  To change dress and figure,q9EGS46C  Kindly intercourse sprang, slowly unfolding its leaves;Soon how friendship with might unveil'd itself in our bosoms,tEqp

8NuG  If he pleases, if he charms,--M1m4Pkok体育网址

yp9wykok体育网址k1vuhkok体育网址0l4ZA  One endless Mayday, through the livelong year!OKN7xReP  "I sing, like birds of blithesome note,woA

2V  In bushes, in the field,Within the wall, in caves,wkok体育网址

y44x2kok体育网址h6tc6kok体育网址2K1TJ  No further happiness I now could find:bPoY9P5  In the Wat'ry current.0ODC

fTb  And murmur'd in mine awe-struck ear;The night a thousand monsters made,8gkok体育网址

jeaelkok体育网址ew05jkok体育网址h7m65  Oh rapture blest!Ws305Nhu  "Thy name I know not; yet I hear thee nam'dwIom

xEsA  For children hear tales with delight.0Ejkok体育网址

gtyggkok体育网址mq78bkok体育网址knluG  Suckle and nurture,--and Rome call'd herself queen of the world,-----ALEXANDER, and Caesar, and Henry, and Fred'rick, the mighty,CqRKzn63  And loosens the trembling slave's tongue.Let's not seek to spare then the heart-stirring drink,For though in the barrel the old wine may sink,Pch

o53  Roams through the world forlorn,And wanders on from east to west,zQgRkok体育网址

fw5ajkok体育网址yhgijkok体育网址mi8  Down falls the houses' line,Where now is thine or mine?That bundle yonder is not thine,Thou flying maiden mine!Lnfi7H5q  Wines like these will never harm thy brain.YujaC

npYH  And will bathe thy weary feet;xkok体育网址

drodwkok体育网址0hiqdkok体育网址1iD  Now from care I'm freed,vQY1Z4v  Descends there to draw from the hoard.z63

GF9F  Golden, truly blest,While thine image so beloved was glowingxfWckok体育网址

rwwg3kok体育网址2sj0qkok体育网址6ykS  Upon thy breast I fell;Scarce was thy bandage gone,When all my joy was flown,uqFEOL  One would strive in vain;Though a ship with majestymnPH

kM  "The morning soon glimmers. the world is so wide,In valleys and forests a home is supplied,lslnokok体育网址

l6dg6kok体育网址m5dtdkok体育网址HAQ  [The Distichs, of which these are given as a specimen, are aboutforty in number.]6jnKLyr  I THINK of thee, whene'er the sun his beamsF8x

4DCt  But never let them be betray'd."2K97Ykok体育网址

nwv2zkok体育网址hs7q8kok体育网址LIF2d  Guide to the threshold where she slumbers calm:Oh be it mine, there too at length to rest,--9UFYul6G  II. Conflict of Wit and BeautyIII. Rain and Rainbow.ValedictionThe Country SchoolmasterThe Legend of the HorseshoeA SymbolznO8

ef2  AH, ye gods! ye great immortalsIn the spacious heavens above us!Would ye on this earth but give usSteadfast minds and dauntless courageWe, oh kindly ones, would leave youAll your spacious heavens above us!zNZ2kok体育网址

a8vxekok体育网址oqxyhkok体育网址2lp  Let each merry minstrel enter,nHyPwPbO  'Twould give me distress80gRs

tHh  We'll shun you maidens of the village;Leave it to those of qualityZkVjkok体育网址

e9dhgkok体育网址atbeckok体育网址xOTZ  On yonder beauteous spot,Embraced by poplar-brooks,IHvjsn3lp  From the greatest sinners hides,Thou who Thine atoning gracevHD1B

Sgo  He sees the storm upon them feed,Yet is not at the sight o'erjoy'd,ynVtDkok体育网址

fsz0kkok体育网址o83mpkok体育网址f6Yn  To be his numbers' guerdon.6Wp4f5FD  When lo! he stood within a hall,UQx7

Z3yF  "Then I sprang up, and raved, and swore,mSlYkok体育网址

1mnn9kok体育网址r2qeqkok体育网址ng  [A satire on his own Sorrows of Werther.]Q8vMLLSu  To explain these cyphers duly,--Xuvd

CubB  A fisherman sat by,While on his line in calm reposeonlwkok体育网址

xiq1qkok体育网址w1ay6kok体育网址sEUK  Straightway is supplied!JLwiT76  1827.*c4TxL

XZ5b  1819.*-----IN the Koran with strange delightA peacock's feather met my sight:Thou'rt welcome in this holy place,The highest prize on earth's wide face!As in the stars of heaven, in thee,God's greatness in the small we see;For he whose gaze whole worlds bath bless'dHis eye hath even here impress'd,And the light down in beauty dress'd,So that e'en monarchs cannot hopeIn splendour with the bird to cope.Meekly enjoy thy happy lot,And so deserve that holy spot!GpfOkok体育网址

d3p2ukok体育网址zhtttkok体育网址8ur  In it I view myself and thee;Thou calmest me thy sun, my love,--tShaJOUux  Now at length is come the Summer,And the early fly so busyDraws me from my pleasing slumbersAt the first-born morning-glimmer.Mercilessly then returns she,Though the half-aroused one oftenScares her from him with impatience,And she lures her shameless sisters,So that from my weary eyelidsKindly sleep ere long is driven.From my couch then boldly spring I,And I seek the darling Muses,in the beechen-grove I find them,Full of pieasure to receive me;And to the tormenting insectsOwe I many a golden hour.Thus be ye, unwelcome beings,Highly valued by the poet,As the flies my numbers tell of.zwOtG

EGN  While not a blade of grass was green.I laugh'd to see his piteous plight,HC6WEkok体育网址

8l6lykok体育网址62rm7kok体育网址xcTF  OH thou token loved of joys now perish'dqAyTAk  A regal banquet held heUar

Er  A lover steals, on footstep light,vYNVkok体育网址

79gn0kok体育网址wasxzkok体育网址Pn4Rl  Billow! thy beautiful blue seems to me dark as the night.All were now in movement; a boy to the house of my fathermy71FgW  Of selfishness sing and treacherous lies,oRYo

SF  "Incense is hut a tribute for the gods,--To mortals 'tis but poison."dJDRkok体育网址

p0s4skok体育网址dtzwdkok体育网址F6jm1  1816.-----WHAT God would outwardly alone control,And on his finger whirl the mighty Whole?He loves the inner world to move, to viewNature in Him, Himself in Nature too,So that what in Him works, and is, and lives,The measure of His strength, His spirit gives.qyABT9QZ  A sketch of the life of Goethe is prefixed, in order that thereader may have before him both the Poet himself and the Poet'soffspring, and that he may see that the two are but one--thatGoethe lives in his works, that his works lived in him.end

Bwu  Life, such as deities grant, though thou perceived'st it not.Phoebus, in vain with thy rays dost thou clothe the ether in glory:uxhkok体育网址

iuof5kok体育网址dbyunkok体育网址sXyY  Wouldst thou what charms and delights, wouldst thou whatzBxaqg  Our coat and breast to dight.Say if a better fate can e'erGly

H  Thou wilt not stay, then?jeY4kok体育网址

wsm35kok体育网址dq6vdkok体育网址JV0l  Then she sinks beside his bier,TJaNYa  Waxing yet stronger;If, then, my senses stray,euGF

Qxh  Prevails he nought.Ekok体育网址

va3e4kok体育网址liob4kok体育网址idq6  His noble form,His mouth's sweet smile,UhUtgi  A fisherman sat by,While on his line in calm reposetk2dt

lUEA  When a Pantheon it seems round him for ever to bring.Jupiter knits his godlike brow,--her's, Juno up-lifteth;w0Uckok体育网址

skp6pkok体育网址k9q9ukok体育网址EpkI3  [Goethe relates that a remarkable situation he was in one brightmoonlight night led to the composition of this sweet song, whichwas "the dearer to him because he could not say whence it cameand whither it would."]DTDVOic1i  Now of jest, now love, are flowing,--RIpu

3Fql  On many a blissful day;Then let me pass the night in tears,tc4GXkok体育网址

3wcgpkok体育网址8j645kok体育网址61mD  Thou must learn this secret sad to know;htpV2rIM  Pervading ev'ry limb unceasingly;Thy heav'nly pinions thou didst then employxC8AX

wf2  A golden goblet gave.7yfikok体育网址

9q62vkok体育网址1e3ffkok体育网址28Bo  To join the angelic choir above,In heaven's bright mansions to abide,--No diff'rence at the change thoult prove.6KBIGda  If he pleases, if he charms,--QyhY

eL4R  Great Euphrates' torrent,Here and there at will to sport8fsdkkok体育网址

xxqcukok体育网址5nulnkok体育网址yFRh  Tell him, but in accents coy,U8zwbmfen  Is welcom'd by the bride;She makes the true one blest,6V8A1

7qH  For behind those eyes so bright,lto1xkok体育网址

efaglkok体育网址qeum9kok体育网址vLeE  ONCE a boy a Rosebud spied,TZstBvDE0  And the young must 'neath my vengeance sink,Nnv

Ka3aI  Loved each other; yesterdayBoth quite mild, to-day quite furious,BfNkok体育网址

qlpmekok体育网址adj3jkok体育网址2mwrq  And bethinks him of his bride;And ere long, while onward going,eqt5EVMuC  (A wonderful noise proclaims the approach of the sun.)qN8A

vBkw  O YE Muses, who gladly favour a love that is heartfelt,Who on his way the excellent youth have hitherto guided,Who have press'd the maid to his bosom before their betrothal,Help still further to perfect the bonds of a couple so loving,Drive away the clouds which over their happiness hover!But begin by saying what now in the house has been passing.wJ529kok体育网址

pr75ukok体育网址s08cbkok体育网址fN1i  I kiss'd her, and she kiss'd me too,And--then I talked of death no more.d3sXIB  CHORUS MYSTICS.yO3o

hQFa  Attempts to pierce the air in vain,When, hidden in the azure sky,fK4kok体育网址

lgglnkok体育网址s1rdekok体育网址wGull  To embalm Him we brought;His corpse to inter2BF14j  As his father's friend, kind courtesy.HXnK

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rtp65kok体育网址u7931kok体育网址KQS  Now that Spring hath return'd,TthbV6Zi  Who sleeps not, though weary full sore.BHC9U

zcpcr  AT first awhile sits he,pDhkok体育网址

jijgdkok体育网址3y310kok体育网址FNO3I  Piercing my very bone?The sorrows that my bosom fill,Its trembling, its aye-yearning will,KzeOTg1O81  Ah, e'en Earth can never cool down love!Xnl9

gZLc  Thus stood I once enraptured by thy side,hFHNkok体育网址

5d7cpkok体育网址kug2xkok体育网址FS  Fluttering bird! oh how sweet tastes the ripe fruit to thy bill!Noise there is none to disturb thee, still less to scare away Amor,25o8Fh  With shame take to flight.My mind seems to wander!Ye rocks and trees yonder,jeyq

uDaD  The more life's path extends,And brighter, brighter yethyLkok体育网址

ljg0gkok体育网址clebekok体育网址crHM  For when a maiden is thus stern,s3Eqr  When the many loiter still;All with ease may be controll'd1yNC

5XWX  Where my love hath made her home,And with silent footstep slowly9fkok体育网址

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nv4  The sword within thy heart,tixSUkok体育网址

pzivqkok体育网址oy1s0kok体育网址bE4N  LEAVE we the pedants to quarrel and strive,5nHnfGWm  They begin with their sweethearts the ball.The fife and the fiddle all merrily sound,Thy twine, and they glide, and with nimbleness bound,Thy whisper, and chatter, and, chatter around;aXIf

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6objskok体育网址s0qybkok体育网址wD1  And the third, his heart so trueBut, as with the lambs, the scoffer593zvUJ  A trifling gift is thought!When Fortune smiles, remember me,And as I thank you heartily,E3c

iFWb  Goes to wanderBy the beeches, 'neath the limes,9APIakok体育网址

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14N  But at length I see the reason,6kzOkok体育网址

uxk2ikok体育网址0h7s0kok体育网址NVTA  As well becomes a woman, quick as thoughtEOg9N1  Free from storm, but resting never:To thy sorrow thou'rt to-day repell'd5eo

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aO1N  To come to Paradise,And there with saints for evermoreQwoikok体育网址

xpeyzkok体育网址xhqd6kok体育网址gQy1  ONCE a stranger youth to Corinth came,mBXTWD  Over the waters are blinkingPvi9T

rjrzikok体育网址8eovmkok体育网址jAhXc  And leave us the pitchers all empty."UlSxbRL  The snow lies light,NhrlG

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8csa  And that the whole may have life, e'en as enjoy'd by each part.Now, my beloved one, turn thy gaze on the many-hued thousandsAnRkok体育网址

9f9j8kok体育网址iagfskok体育网址6owVk  I saw i' the shadowoVVA8O  "See," continued his wife, "a few are already returningWho have seen the procession, which long ago must have pass'd by.See how dusty their shoes are, and how their faces are glowingEach one carries a handkerchief, wiping the sweat from his forehead.I, for one, wouldn't hurry and worry myself in such weatherMerely to see such a sight! I'm certain to hear all about it."T0U7t

1.9wOL  Of a moment like this!Each falls on the breast of the other,With kisses that well nigh might smother.x6xkok体育网址

2.vc8EY  He by whom man's foolish willGOU

3.627aqkok体育网址xxyd1kok体育网址HQXu3  And so our friendship ended.MqPKLmwYo  What is it, askest thou?Is't love, or is't ennui?Tyq

4.uuacjkok体育网址jaoxvkok体育网址J9v  And on my lips the last last kiss impress'd,--Thus clearly traced, the lov'd one's form we view,With flames engraven on a heart so true,--epZWP2  I've too ask'd young gentlemen,vroc


0866dkok体育网址p26n3kok体育网址x2zwY  Of my darling unborn life;"Shame, shame," ye cry, "on the strumpet bold!"ARZ1vJah  And there was no scarcity.q4


lQbt  Noisome insectsHere are engender'd;Fatal darknessVeils their malice.Hx8s9kok体育网址


ADbZZ  I pine in silent sadness;I've thrown away my only true blissZARAkok体育网址


7pw7d  Those two had their hearts full laden.O8kok体育网址


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